Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ethical Government? That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Yikes! George is sending his cronies to ethics training. Now that's scary! What this seems to be is an another attempt to dupe us into thinking he's doing something, at least something positive. It was deTocquville who noted the two most corrupt professions in America were politics and journalism. Now we are supposed to think that George is going to change that with a course in ethics. I don't think so!

I have visions of these wooden men stifling yawns as the sit around a table attempting to have a dialogue on
Aristotles "Politics". Nap time at the White House. "you mean Aristotle isn't Onasis?" "Skinner, Skinner, he's our man!"

"Ethics" is not always ethical. It comes in many shapes and forms. We would like to think of ethics as the study of an objective moral system. But "objective" has been relegated to the delete file. Words now mean what we want them to mean. Politicians have made a study of redefining.

What is so frightening about W's ethics course is that the syllabus will more than likely be devoted to the theory of how not to get caught. Given the intellectual prowess of our present government I really don't think they will even catch on to that concept. Ever since Hobbes (not to be confused with "Calvin and Hobbs") pointed out that perception was more important than character politicians have been working on image. I don't think a course in ethics is going to change almost four hundred years of political philosophy.

Someone once told me "There are two kinds of people in the world; the caught and the uncaught". I didn't and still don't agree but I'll bet my booties George does.


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