Monday, May 29, 2006

SHAZAM! (well, that didn't work)

I shamelessly swiped this link from Sheryl at Paper Napkin. If you like fine art and superheros what that guy did with Photoshop is amazing. If you like a good read, drop by Sheryl's (look right, click on Paper Napkin)place. She does some really great banners (like mine) and is always a joy to read.

If you don't notice any new posts from Villa MacBean for the next couple of days blogger isn't acting up again. I'm off to Roanoke at the bidding of the insurance cartel for training until Friday. The goofy thing is they plan on having me work in Willis, just down the mountain, twenty five miles from home. After which, in the evening, I will return forty miles to the hotel in Roanoke for AM meetings then back forty miles to Willis and repeat until Friday or insanity whichever occurs first. It's just close enough to tantalize me about home and far enough to make it too far to drive. It's a catch 22 created by, I suspect, the petroleum companies in league with Jerry Springer.


Blogger John Cowart said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed browsing over there.

the squiggly letters defeated me on first comment.

8:04 AM  
Blogger mreddie said...

Hurry back - the mountain critters will miss you - us too. ec

6:27 PM  

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