Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Life in the Clouds

I knew it was going to be this kind of day before I opened my eyes this morning. There's a sporadic sound of rain on our metal roof created by wind blowing through the now bare tree limbs. Groundhog, maybe Ground"fog" Mountain has it's share of these days.

It can be disconcerting when trying to find ones way home using the center line in the road as the only navigation tool. What gets real exciting is the gravel road with no center line leading to our house, mountain on one side and steep drop on the other. That's the down side (no pun intended).

There's a kind of fantastic beauty to these days. It's like living in Lochlorian with the wood elves, high above a world gone somewhat mad. It's not fog, it's our castle in the clouds.


Blogger Cowtown Pattie said...

Nice photo, even if it is a little ghostly...

6:19 PM  

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