Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Death Smiles At Us All"

There is an absurdness to some tragedies like the recent death of Tony Dungy's son. It doesn't make sense that this young man should take his life. But then it doesn't make sense that anyone should take their own life. When it is a person with every opportunity available the act becomes more unfathomable. The son of the popular former coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now of the Indianapolis Colts would seem to have had the world at his reach.

It's particulary disturbing because this needless death comes at a time when the Dungy family should be rejoicing. Not only is it the holiday season but also the Colts are having a fantastic football season. What a blow this must be to them. I don't think anyone who has not lost a child can imagine their grief. What makes it even worse is that Tony seems to be a very fine person who really doesn't deserve to have this happen. The accompanying article says Tony was comforting the well-wishers rather then the other way around.

Bad things do happen to good people and we all ask "why". There is no answer. Was it predetermined that in his eighteenth year young Dungy would end his life? You know "when it's your time" and all that. We can never know what went through the mind of this young man as he contemplated this act. He seemingly had everything to live for but for some reason a terrible negative entered his being.

Christmas for the Dungy family will never be the same. The immediate pain will thankfully ease some with time but will never go away. They, like us, will ask why and like us will not have an answer. The only thing we can do now is hold our lived ones close and say a prayer for this and other families, not so notable, who have lost loved ones at this time of the year.


Blogger Bonita said...

I was watching that on CNN this a.m., and I can't imagine their grief. We can pray that 'this too will pass', but what an ordeal for any family. I know it is always a turning point, from which nothing will ever be quite the same.

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