Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Time to catch up on the news from Groundhog Mountain.

My fantastically intelligent wife passed the insurance exam last Friday and is gone for three days to Raleigh. She comes back to spend Christmas and then Monday back to Raleigh for three more days of sales training. The exam was in Bristol Va. They have a Quiznos, I was impressed. Strip malls seem to be the latest thing.

The weather here has been cold, not much out of the forties during the day and teens at night. As a result there are still patches of ice in those spots where the sun doesn't shine. Coming back from Mt. Airy yesterday we saw one car loosing control on the ice and one precariously pointed downhill off the shoulder of the road.

Christmas promises to be quiet. Not much shopping to do due to the present negative cash flow. We've got some stuff for the grandkids and I'll wrap something for the rest of the immediate family, load it all in a box later today and send it off to Florida. Maybe they'll get it before Sunday. One good thing about ADD is people are used to my procrastinating. We did pull the Christmas paraphernalia from storage and it is now staring at me with anticipation from boxes in the living room. I'll have Christmas ready when my honey gets home from her travels.

These digital cameras sure do eat the batteries. I have restocked and will have some pics soon.

So far two comments on the beard blog. Sandy , has been posting some yummy recipes and took the time to vote "yea" as did Bonita . Bonita has taken Kiwi to a new level. So there it is, I have three ladies saying beards are the "bomb". What am I to do? I know, don't shave and see how they like it then.

I was very humbled to find a comment from Capt. B on my post the other day. I just can't get over this guy.
He's fighting a war and still finding time to not only give us a look at what's really going on in Iraq but also fuel our patriotic fire. We need more Americans like him, but like they say, "The Marines, The Few, The Proud".
I barely made it through Air Force basic training. Ya gotta love those Leathernecks.


Anonymous Rachel said...

I can't wait for your wife to return! I am very fond of her and miss her companionship greatly.

Hoorah for braving the trials of Christmas decorating! I am forgoing the challenge this year.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Bonita said...

Congratulations to your wife, and good for you getting the gifts out. My hubby and several of my kids have ADD, and the intensity level around here is mind-boggling. No one can ever finish a sentence, hardly, and it's up to me to regulate the traffic, post the 'to do' lists, and calm the churning waters....if you know what I mean.

10:27 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Yes, Bonita, I know exactly what you mean. Fortunatly there's only me for my wife to direct unless you count the cat.

1:10 PM  

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