Thursday, December 29, 2005

Had I a better camera this would have been a better picture. It really doesn't do justice to the scene of the Arrat valley. The clouds today were unbelievable and the air was crystal clear. I took it on the way to Galax to turn in a couple of resumes. Yes, I'm still job hunting.

I had several months ago applied for a desk clerks job at the Holiday Inn where I-77 and route 58 intersect. The hotel is owned by, you guessed it, Mr. Patel. He also has several other (H)motels at the same intersection. I had not heard from him and and he has continued to advertise the position. Now he was looking for someone to desk clerk and assist in managing. So off I went, updated resume in hand. After a brief conversation I left the resume. Could it be he thinks I'm overqualified. Does "retired" and "just want something to occupy my time" mean anything? What is his problem? Why did he ask me if I could type? I'm not anti-alien, really, just because ALL my ancestors including the rumored Native American great grandmother were here before the Revolution, I'm not.

The other opening was at the Sears store in Galax. A very nice manager accepted my resume and said he would be back in touch. I told him how I loved Craftsman tools (my ability to schmooz is well developed).
We talked about the number of people who, like ourselves, are moving into the area. I can certainly understand why but I wish we were the last. If it keeps up much of what makes this area desirable will be lost.

I was running low on vodka so I thought I'd stop at the state run liquor store and pick up a bottle. I like Popov. It's made in the same distillery that makes Smirnoff and is about half the price. Now I'm not much of a bourbon drinker but I do like me some Woodford Reserve and it was on sale. It kills my Scottish soul to spend twenty eight dollars on a 750 ml bottle of booze but I do like Woodford Reserve and it was five dollars off. And I hadn't treated myself in a long time unless you count lunch at Arby's. Damn it's good with a splash of the fresh spring water that flows from our tap.

I don't recall where I heard it but the story goes the Union Army sent to Kentucky during the Civil War (or as it's known in yankeeland, the War Between the States) never advanced any further. They just went from one end of the state to the other visiting distilleries.

I was informed by today's post from Social Security come April I will be fully retired and can make as much money as I want. I can hardly wait to apply for that $200,000 a year job bursting with responsibility.

My baby comes home tomorrow. Huzzah!


Blogger Bonita said...

Continued good luck with the job hunt. Now that I'm retired, there is so much that I want to do that I'm wishing I could put 2 days into one. One thing that I find difficult is to wake up to an alarm when I have to go to Jury Duty. I do not like to go anywhere the first 3 hours in the morning - I'd like to do my blogging.

Your spring water sounds so refreshing. We get bottled water here, but nothing like fresh spring water. I had that once, and have never forgotten it.

4:12 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

One of the many things I like about it here on sweetthings half acre is that we have a damn good well. It is sweet water, pure without treatment, and cold out of the facet. So far I have not been able to pump it dry and a few times I have left the irrigation system on all night which is a lot of damn water. Showed up on my electric bill but didn't hurt the well.

6:18 AM  
Blogger Cowtown Pattie said...

I don't know if you read Ronni's blog at Time Goes By, but she writes a lot about age discrimination. It is certainly "out there" and not getting any better. I wish you much luck, my friend.

7:10 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

We are one of the twenty homes Va. law allows to be on community water. Every one else in our "development" must put down a well at about $4,000. Our water is from a spring about 100 ft. away and the only "processing" is a electromic filter. We get an annual bill for $125. and it's worth every penny. We used to spend much more then that on bottled water in "Balmer".

Ya' know Pattie, I know age discrimination exists but I can't imagine being a victim because I don't think I'm old. I'm blessed to be in better health then most 40 year olds and my wife says I act like a child.

8:57 AM  

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