Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Medical Update

Well, we are back to living on faith. Motivator #1 Love of my life with the help of modern medicine has found a rather large lump in her breast. It was biopsied yesterday and today we are off to see the surgeon. Motivator # 2 She has no health insurance. We were told it would be available six months after we were hired. The first of this month it should have been in available. I just hope they continue to offer overtime at work since they messed up the insurance he said as he continued to mutter about pre-existing conditions and the like.

Fortunately she has a strong support group. Several of her close friends have been through this (albeit with insurance) and can keep her positive. She has her posse at work and church to keep the prayers working. And we have our faith in God and His infinite goodness and love.

Will keep you posted and I know you will excuse me hopefully for a brief interval.


Blogger threecollie said...

I will keep you both in my prayers and hope for a good outcome.

3:53 AM  
Blogger itsboopchile said...

With such news I wonder if you thought of your spice's birthday??
I wrote it on my calendar and then had a funeral to attend and before I remembered to wish your spice a happy birthday, I took a fall. Hit my face, neck, head, both arms, and my left leg again, onto a pile of boxes of papers and books.
Well, I was a mess, and still am.
That was the 13th.
And I am sorry your spice had a 13th worse.
So, now I am praying all turns out okay and you can celebrate her birthday with gladness. And include my best wishes.

Praying for her,
Betty G

2:41 PM  
Blogger Cowtown Pattie said...

Oh geez, I haven't been around for while, and I just wanted to say how I am hoping everything has a happy ending.

As a cervical cancer survivor, I know exactly how your wife feels right now. She needs you to stay positive and strong...I know you will.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

I haven't been around, either, and am hoping that you are hearing positive things!

8:38 AM  

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