Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Crooked Road

There's a beautiful Crooked Road that winds through these mountains. We travel the stretch from Meadows of Dan to Stuart and back each day. This is more than just a winding road thought scenic Southwest Virginia, it's a journey into the heart of country music. Oh, it's not the country music that makes the top forty on the charts but the real soul of mountain music. It's an artery that carries the tradition born and nurtured over the past several centuries in what was a one time a somewhat isolated area. It grew on it's own, feeding on the Scots Irish, German and gospel music brought over the years. Music is not the only attraction to the area but it is the most ingrained. Mountain music, good mountain music, can be heard at church, the corner store, the gas station, on the street corner, the front porch or just anywhere two or three people with a guitar, banjo or mandolin or any combination of the three can be found.

So here's your chance to win a handmade guitar or mandolin direct from the Crooked Road. While you're here you can make up a country song and send it by phone or e-mail to a friend, relative or whoever you want to impress. It's really cool, Wanda went through our phone book sending songs to all her friends. Within about 15 minutes we had a call from a amazed, laughing recipient


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