Saturday, November 19, 2005

A'Blogging We Will Go, A'Blogging We Will Go......

For those of you who have read my blog before you may notice some changes in the format. That's because a nice lady named Sheryl at took the time out of what I assume is a rather busy schedule to make me this spiffy banner. I know she's busy because she has a husband and if that's not enough, three kids. I'm not special, she does this for other people who like myself have not mastered the intricacies of HTML You can tell I'm a novice from way the link to her site is listed above.

But I'm learning this strange language slowly but surely thanks to that little tab on another window that says
" Template" . It's really great, I can totally mess up my blogsite by changing all those little things on the keyboard you have to push the shift key to get then go to the button that say "clear edits" and it all fixed. I wish all fixes were that easy. Another help I found is:
This site will explain what all those symbols do. It's really amazing!

I meet the nicest people through blogging. What is great fun is to go to the comments on someone's blog and then surf the commenters. The links listed in the side bar, or whatever that thing is called, are fun also. Some of these blogs have the most interesting names and some of them are very good. I almost feel like an intruder when I read some of the blogs by mothers and single women but it gives a wonderful insight into their world. Eavesdropping on the "girl talk" so to speak. "Honest ladies, I ain't droppin' no eves". And all the good blogs have links to many other good ones (notice at this point I only list three). There are others I like but as I said before, I'm just catching in to this HLMT stuff.

I read on one blog last night that AARP is doing an article on bloggers over 50. When they do one on bloggers over 60, let me know. That's the other thing, bloggers come in all types. People are so interesting and their take on the world even more so. Were I in politics I'd have my staff spend a large part of their time reading assorted blogs. This is where you find out what people are really thinking.

It's somewhat distressing that some network news organizations now have blogs. I'm sure other corporate entities do also. But those, although valid, don't reflect "the people" and "the people" are the heart of blogging.
Wherever I go on my little adventures following links, it seems I run into the same individuals. My community I visit on a daily basis. And every day I discover another person who genuinely has something to say.

Yes, there are probably eighty cajillion bloggers out there and that's great. I'll never run out of insights or opinions to get me looking at things in a little different way.

And oh, the absolute thrill of finding a comment on my blog! Someone actually read what I have to say and that make these late night dates totally worthwhile. So thank you all, fellow bloggers and "keep those cards and letters coming in".


Blogger Augustus said...

Great blogging info. Must try them blog info sites.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Augustus said...

Great blog info. I really enjoy you blog. We should collaborate on a book maybe about Food & Beverage. Who knows may result in income for us in our retirement ( I plan to soon if Queenie...see previous blog comments...let's me)

Sounds like you discovered a great place. BEAUTIFUL pictures.

5:16 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

I know the feeling about trying to learn HTML. But blogspot is fairly easy to use I reckon. To get a link just click on the link icon and copy and paste the URL then add in >< at the end of the HTML statement. The icon is right next to the picture icon on the tool bar. I kind of envy you retiring in the mountains. I stayed in Florida because of the weather but the high cost of living and the crowds pushed me out of the Bay area on to Homosassa and if I wasn't so old and beat up I would move on North to Chiefland just to escape the crowds.

Thanks for coming by the site. I have got you on my favorites bar and now if I can get the damn template to publish I will add to my bloglist--the blog has gotten to big and it takes forever to get a template to publish changes and quits on me in the middle usually.

7:16 AM  

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