Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Off to the Big City

SWAMBO and I went to Roanoke yesterday so she could interview for a job. It was the last of three and they wanted the spouses along. Went well, they offered, she accepted and it was time to fill out all the paperwork. If what they say is true there's potential advancement and a very good income. (Huzzah, Huzzah!!!!!) We'll see. Anyway she's scheduled for a weeks training in Richmond to get her state license, next week,
no spouses allowed!

Oh yeah, the picture? Well, we took the Pathfinder as snow was predicted and ... Oh yeah, the glass? It's by an artist in Check, fragmentsfromfloyd (See Saturdays Jots) named Tim who's fantastic. I'm digressing because the next part of this narrative is too painful to even consider.

You must understand my wife and I will be spending nights apart for the first time since we married five years ago. Not counting the nights I slept on the couch. Neither she or I are happy with either of the above. That's not the worst of it, the following week she's off to Raleigh for a week and a half. Same scenario. I never told you but we have arguments over who loves each other more. "joined at the hip", "inseparable", when the minister counseled us before our wedding he said, "the Bible says 'bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh'. We take it literaly. I wish the same for any couple. I mean we've been together on our mountain day and night for the last five months and don't want to change a thing. But as Gibran puts it "Work is love made visible".

I remember when I was retired and she was working and I was spending my days with Comcast and our cat, Fisal. (Fisal's complete bio can be found "The Cat" ). I could hardly wait to go back to work. At least then we had cable. (We still have "The Cat")

She keeps reminding me, "I'll not be there to keep my eye on you, you'll get into all kinds of trouble". I probably will and as usual, not even knowing I'm doing it. My only hope for salvation is that the Country Club calls and offers me a job there. They're working on "mountain time".

We'll get by, maybe it's a sacrifice so something good will happen, maybe it's some sort of test from God (they did call to talk to her just as we got home from church).

Anyway we got home to find my wife's sister and her husband who have come down from Baltimore for our annual Thanksgiving. We've seen more of them now then when we lived half mile away from each other and that's good. They, too, have fallen in love with this area and come as often as they can and that's good.

I made spaghetti for dinner. We have a deal, I cook and SWAMBO cleans up. I seems I don't do a good enough job on the later. I try, I really do. We sat around and watched "Ghost World", a wonderful movie with Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson and (our favorite) Steve Buscemi, probably drank too much wine and put a very happy ending to a very happy day. Didn't relish the 120 mile trip to Roanoke but as we say around here, getting there is as enjoyable to being there.

Saw wild turkey on the way home, you'd think they'd be hiding out this time of year. Also a deer that thought it owned the Parkway, the nerve!


Blogger GUYK said...

One of those wild turkeys make a good Thanksgiving Dinner

8:01 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

wild Turkey=Thankgiving dinner

8:02 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

8:49 AM  

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