Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's Wednesday Again?

Wednesday morning, foggy view outside, foggy mind inside.
Penn State beat Florida State last night in the Orange Bowl. It was a good game that went into three overtimes and one something o'clock in the AM. With over a hundred yards in penalties FSU deserved to be beat. Until South Florida started playing the game FSU was my team. Couldn't stand the gators and Miami is in another country.

Fisal tried to wake us this morning to let us know the trash can needed to be rolled down the drive. It didn't work. Fortunately we were light on the trash this week. We may have to mash the trash till next week but should be OK.

Flat tire on the Pathfinder. Call AAA. They were just out here Monday night. Didja, and I'm sure you did, put together a obviously award winning post only to have it vanish when the wrong thing was moused? That's what happened to the Monday night fog adventure which I will attempt to again recount.

Yesterday I got a call from the guy at the Comfort Inn that asked if I could type. I went in for an interview and he asked again if I could type. Good thing he doesn't follow up with "how well". But it looks like I may have front desk job there.

They're laying off more people at the furniture manufacturing plants in Galax. At one time that was a major industry in this area but with the competition from China many of the companies have been forced to cut back. There has been at least one similar announcement a month in the six months since we have been here.
I really feel for these people. Education here has not been a priority and these jobs have been a mainstay for the economy. When job cuts were announced at the Basset plant in Mt. Airy a while back the mayor there came out with the obdurate remark, "that will give them the opportunity to find new employment".

And then there's that mine tragedy about a hundred miles from here in W. Virginia. The scenes of that area and the people strike close to home. The church where the people gathered is like so many in this area.

logging off now, got to call AAA


Blogger Bonita said...

I've watched part of CNN's newscoverage of the West Virginia mine disaster today, when we had jury break and I went home for awhile. That has really shaken that community - the spokesperson for the mine had difficulty maintaining his composure.

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