Friday, August 25, 2006

The Beagle Sisters

The beagle sisters, Stella and Isabel, have been enjoying their home on Groundhog Mountain for over five months now. This is when we first got them as six week old puppies. Over the months puppy personalities have developed. They have discovered the joys of having a whole neighborhood in which to have adventures. Nicknamed "double trouble" by the neighbors they join them on their walks, romp in their yards, and chase the various critters through their woods. Stella, who sleeps with one eye open will attempt to lick one to death while Isabel is happy giving little affectionate nips. Isabel has the true beagle markings and the black is now turning to tan. Stella, is also showing more tan but has the black spots revealing their blue tick hound heritage.

This morning they are lounging on their doggie mat. They have grown, thanks to the many treats and an endless supply of puppy chow. Now just because both pictures are at nap time, which comes immediately after play time, which comes immediately after poop time, which shortly follows chow time don't even think for a moment they are inactive. Their favorite time is chow time and they will, from a sound sleep, snap at any morsel within several feet of their now adult teeth. If the food fights were not so in earnest they would be funny. But we all know that at times, over certain issues, even the closest of siblings will bare teeth and go for the jugular. And to a Beagle, all food is sacred. There has been more then one terrified raccoon, after making the mistake of attempting to eat at their table, hotly pursued by two raucous dogs.

Isabel, on the left, is the protector and guardian of Villa MacBean. First to be up and barking at any sound or scent she will race down the driveway or up throughout he woods. She is also the more sensitive and will when confronted with a rolled up newspaper cower most pitifully while Stella, on the right, only sits with the most innocent eyes.

I have just been called away from this writing by Wanda. The two subjects of this post have been out and barking for a few minutes. When called, Isabel has returned but Stella has not and is continuing to carry on with a constant barking. They usually turn up in tandem, one shortly behind the other. Fearing the latter is in some sort of peril, I am sent to investigate. Down the drive, across the neighbors yard, through the rhododendrons and down the side of Groundhog Mountain I go following the incessant barks. Stella is on point and has cornered a turtle which now sits unconcerned inside its protective shell. I have carried the wayward pup back up the mountain and after recovering my breath returned to this occupation. The culprit has returned to the turtle.

As shown by the above, Stella is the fearless one. Although I think she may be slightly brain damaged. Twice she jumped from the neighbors five foot high retaining wall both times incurring a limp. The last manifested over several days. Then there was the swollen eyelid, we think from a bee sting. When playing, she goes after her sister with an uncommon vigor. She would make a great defensive tackle, running full bore and crashing into her victim. On the other hand, she is the more affectionate and will come looking for attention, falling quickly on her back for a tummy rub.

Our attack cat, Fisel, still runs the show. Her presence will stop them both in their tracks as they have felt the sharpness of her claws. She will walk by with a imperious cat look and give a warning "psssfft". That, however, does not stop the beagle sisters from sneaking in and enjoying a little cat food treat.


Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

Growing puppies; they are lovely!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I love Beagles. I fear I'd go cuckoo with Beagles on the farm with the continual coming and going of cars and horses and the barking that this would trigger. But I can live vicariously through other peoples' beagles though :)


4:02 AM  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wonderful personalitys I read. And as I can see they're really taken care of, has grown to be quite chubby aren't they? *lol*

AS the hungry monster I am, I so recognize the defending of the food ;-)

Looks like a place for me... hehe. Not that I eat dog food though ;-) but surely, you give them other treats to.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Kasia said...

Beagles are my favourite dogs. Not every breed looks like a DOG. Beagles do. (Amstaffs don't, that is why i don't like them). And I have been thinking about a dog for a few weeks now and if I get one it will be a beagle. :)))

1:19 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

I think growing is the operative word here, Leslie.
Yes Sean, they do bark at the least provocation. Stella has now developed the kind of howl that accompanies the barks.
I think "chubby" may be kind of an understatement, Mrs L. Yes, they get treats and more treats and even more treats.
Kasia, they are a joy but they are ACTIVE. One thing about where we are is they have plenty of room to run which is what they need. And they do have a mind of their own with little regard for their masters voice.

7:19 PM  
Blogger benning said...

Love 'em! Great post!

6:07 PM  

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