Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coincidence Or.....?

It was several Sundays ago and as is my habit I was making out a check to drop in the collection at church. We had received a bonus at work that week and I was doing as God had laid on my heart and making the draft out for half the amount of the bonus. As I finished I felt Gods urging to give the other half also. The way we figure God has been good to us and when it comes down to it, everything belongs to Him anyway. But for some reason instead of logically voiding out the finished check I simply made out another for the same amount.

(Fast forward to our little church down the mountain in Willis)

I had forgotten that week we were having a visiting ministry group and our preacher announced in addition to our regular offering we would take up a "love" offering to help support the visitors.
Now is that cool or what? There I was with two checks in my pocket. I have found that God sometimes puts in our lives what we think are rather unusual circumstances and when that occurs it's best just to go along.

I have heard many reports of incidences just such as this where one of Gods children feels the urge to do some strange or seemingly bizarre thing only to have the action bring amazing results.

Now if you are one of those people who think things like this are coincidences, that's OK. I just believe the there is some awesome force for good which guides our actions.


Blogger Betty said...

This is a great point that I agree totally.
It happens to me and I have become more obedient as I grow older.
I am sure God was pleased with your obedience. And didn't it work out to a blessing!!!

Betty G

6:47 PM  
Blogger benning said...

Very nice! I went to my parent's church for Christmas Eve services. All I had was a rather large bill, and I figured I could change it before I got there. But I didn't. When it came time to add to the collection plate, my step-father mumbled that he had forgotten to bring any money. So it made sense to me to put the whole thing right in there. It never occured to me that maybe someone made sure I had the whole thing to give. ;)

4:01 PM  

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