Thursday, January 18, 2007


She looks so sweet. Stella was the runt of the litter and it's reflected in her smaller size. But don't be fooled, this dog is fearless. Or it could be she just doesn't have good sense.

Jumping off the neighbors retaining wall, not once but twice, she acquired a two day limp. She has been known to face down much larger dogs and turns into a raging maniac when her much larger sister approaches too close to her food dish.

Sometimes she watches TV. I caught her enjoying the action as the Bears defeated the Seahawks in the NFL playoffs. While on the subject of bears it must noted as this narrative continues, love of my life, Wanda has a fear and at the same time a fascination with the creatures. Also she is no football fan.

It was that interest that prompted the purchase of the DVD Grizzly Man. My watching took some persuasion. I knew the story and was not keen to watch a movie concerning some deranged person who was eventually eaten by his subject matter. A time came when, with Stella perched on my lap, I was persuaded to suffer the movie. In all fairness it is worth watching even though our hero meets a tragic end.

As can be expected there are bears and at the sight of them quiet (well sometimes), sweet little Stella became monster dog. Barking, snarling and growling she fearlessly faced down the TV bears. Throughout the movie at the sight of a bear, and there were many sights of bears, Stella would become super dog.

From her actions we think she must have already had a real life bear adventure. Eventually the movie ended and the bears went away. The Seattle Seahawks really missed a good thing when they neglected to sign her.


Blogger threecollie said...

She looks SO innocent. Who would have known>
Mike watches TV too and the screen bears a few tooth scratches from his onslaughts when somebody shoots somebody or there is a fist fight. With the guys liking Westerns it's a wonder it isn't worse.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

So, the movie that makes her famous really should be titled Stella Bearhunter huh? *lol*

Very often, it's the small ones that get the biggest guts. Or maybe just because of that. Just think about Ants! *whistles*

And very often when it comes to horses, if you have ordinary big horses together with small Shetlands ponies, it's almost always the Shetlands pony that is the one in charge.

And how about men and women? *lol*

1:29 PM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

We have no teeth marks...yet

Everyone knows it's the women that are in charge. They just let the men think we run the show.

5:15 PM  

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