Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Saturday Chronicles...Afternoon

When we left off Isabell had been rescued and was recovering in front of the firepalce from her ordeal. Love of my life and I were watching The Illusionist and napping to catch up on the lost sleep. We were resting, anticipating the event we were planning to attend Saturday evening.

My Mother describes our family as pleasantly dysfunctional. She as usual is right in her assessment. As Paul Newman's character observes in Road To Perdition, sons were put on earth to trouble their fathers. It's a leitmotif in mythology that sons overcome their fathers. I think it all started with Zeus killing Chronos but that's a different story. In my situation, my son, the other David in the family for some long unknown slight doesn't communicate with this David. But all this aside when my Mom called somewhere in the midst of Edward Norton appearing Jessica Biel to say David Jr. had spent several days in hospital after passing out needless to say I was extremely concerned. I take great pride in this guy. He is a chemical engineer and a officer in the Navel Reserve and I take comfort knowing he has a good life he has created for himself. He was at that point home and seems to be doing well.

I was recovering from that news when the sound that wives make when something is wrong emanated from the living room. Stella has been known to for some reason consider house plants and fair game and she had decided to work on the orchid. Yes. that's right, the orchid which, after living with us for six years, was going to bloom. The bulk of it, including the hopeful buds, now lay, shredded, on the living room floor. I hope we don't have to wait another six years for a bloom.

It was at that point the funk set in. Since the season is either ending or ended there was not even football to improve on a day not going well.


Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

i'm very glad to hear that you've found her safe and sound. Phew. poor thing. That is just one the things on top of the list of things you don't want to happen to them...

About the orchid: Ouch... But 6 years passes fast - if you have some fun ;-)

So welcome over to have some Friday fun!

1:34 AM  

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