Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Few Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts this morning (isn't redundancy fun?).

I'm bothered sometimes by buzz words and phrases. "Factiod" was one that really bothered me. When and why was "oid" added to "fact". It's a fact. Another was "funeralize" as in "They funeralized the dead factoid inventor". "Eulogy" is a nice word and funerals are held. The latest to bother me is "moving forward" . George used it several times in that speech the other night. Of course we move forward. Who ever uses the phrases "standing still" or "going backward". People do the latter but people who do usually don't comment on doing so. Maybe a historian could say something like "Moving forward into going backward".

Prescription drug programs for us pre-baby boomers have a list of approved drugs called a formulary. They change from year to year. The company I represent at work has removed Viagra and Cialis from the formulary. I have received more calls from upset women then men about the deletion. Either the saddest or most encouraging call I had was from a 90 year old man. His final comment "Well, I guess I really don't need this" left me wondering what he meant. A ray of hope, maybe? Anyhow this doesn't seem right.


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