Friday, October 27, 2006

Catching Up On the Groundhog Mountain News

When I was a kid in school we used to get this periodical called "Weekly Reader". So here is my "Weakly Reader".

Last Saturday night the beagle sisters partied all night. After the big birthday celebration they had not had enough. And with all the people visiting the Parkway they had lots of new friends to party with. They didn't come home all night. AND THAT UPSET BIG MOMMY DOG AND BIG DADDY DOG VERY MUCH! It's not that they would get lost as beagles can smell their way home with no problem. Our fear is that someone would dognap these cute little critters. They have tags with name and phone number and when no one called the worries mounted. Not much sleep that night. So Sunday morning bright and early we were in the car and driving the mountain looking for the fugitives. It didn't take us long to locate them down the road and around the corner. So like all wayward children they were grounded, having to spend their next several days in jail or as we call it the garage.

First Wanda came down with the sniffles. Then came the congestion, sore throat, tight chest, and generally all over funky feeling. And then your humble narrator was visited by that same ailment. So we took it easy for several days. I even took a sick day from work, an occasion worthy of note it happens so seldom. I am happy to report we are both back to our usual healthy selves. One benefit is that we have not had cigarettes in almost a week. Maybe we can give them up for good...maybe.

File under interesting observations: In the northern part of this country (sometimes known as "yankeeland") people have fancy coffee totes that say "Starbucks", so ethereal. Down south (sometimes known as "Dixie") people have fancy coffee totes that say "Sheetz", so, well, down homey.

We celebrated our birthdays Saturday last. It started with a to Blue Ridge Tire in Galax for new skids for the Pathfinder, just in time for the approaching foul weather.
A stop to replentist the sunflower seed supply for the bird feeder. Fifty pounds for $13.
Then it was off to Floyd and shopping at Harvest Moon. Our mission was to get some English double cream which we did. As well as a basket full of other goodies.
Then it was off to Oddfellas for lunch where the chef had cut his hand and the owner, Rob was, as we would say in the restaurant business, up to his ass in alligators, trying to get the multitude of customers who had come to the mountains for peak leaf season, fed.
It was a pleasant drive up route 8 to Tuggles Gap and probably the best apple pie on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was, not suprisingly, crowded with the usual contingent of bikers with an additional group of Mini Cooper drivers thrown into the mix. We took the pie home and finished the day on our favorite couch, eating pie, watching "Capote" and thanking God for the many blessings that have been tossed our way. And then the beagle sisters decided to stay out all night!


Blogger Ally Bean said...

Tuggles Gap is a great name for a place. I grew up going to Ruggles Beach which is about the same-- only different.

Glad all are doing well despite problems earlier this week.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad the pup sisters made it home all right!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

WHAT?! The beagles sisters were out all night???? Hm.... Suspicious.... I wonder if that male beagle laying around our place with the whiskeybottle had something to do with it....?

I swear, we're innocent, even if the beagle sisters are so adorable that we ALMOST want to kidnap them.

Check them carefully the nearest time... so there isn't any more puppies arriving suddenly.... *lol*

Glad they're SAFE.

Have a wonderful weekend :-)

12:38 PM  

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