Monday, December 12, 2005

And Yes, I Watch "Martha"

There are vacant buildings all around the many side roads that weave up and down ridges and valleys. This one on Squirrel Spur appears to belong to the people in the next house. There have been people, heavily Scots Irish, my people, in these mountains for centuries. Remnants of chimneys mark their passing on.

There are vacant cars also. Jeff Foxwothry makes the joke "you know your a redneck if you mow the lawn and find a car". Looking for our mountain home the realtor showed us an 8 acre property with two abandoned cars in the front yard, one a '38 Plymouth. While inspecting the spread I discovered three more rusting autos.

The snow never materialized today but we did sit in front of the fire, watch the movie "Alfie" and count the few tantalizing flakes that did fall. The original version with Michael Caine. "Alfie" is such a pathetic character. Couldn't help but think of Craig Ferguson's "Michael Caine in Space" segment. But he is such a good actor. His "Peachy" in "The Man Who Would Be King" is classic.

I was watching Martha Stewart the other morning while drinking my coffee and typing inane comments on other peoples blogs. She had Anita Baker as a guest and Anita brought her recipe for smothered chicken.
I didn't like Martha much back when she was a "bitch". But then she went to jail and I figured she got what she deserved and maybe God was trying to tell her something. I think she listened because she now comes across more hospitable. Besides I can't get Christopher Lowell or any of those other guys. My favorite was Debbie Travis "The Painted House".

I made the chicken last night and it turned out good. If I like my cooking I know it's good. Easy and inexpensive recipe.


Blogger Sandy said...

I've always loved Martha and it just about killed me when she went to jail..I felt so bad for her.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Bonita said...

That is a beautiful photo, and you are so fortunate to mow grass where old vehicles pop up. So much history there, in the grass and in the auto.

Martha's elitism is a turnoff for me; when she said only the blue egg and the brown eggs of an Arugana and a Rhode Island Red were 'most appropriate' for the table, I thought "does she not know that most of us women work, come home to crack an egg for dinner, and we haven't the slightest attachment to it's color. We're just tired."

8:24 AM  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I wouldn't know about Martha! But after reading your post, maybe I should!

10:02 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Yes Bonita, I am so fortunate because I have NO grass to mow. I only have to weed eat every several months in summer. And our community association doesn't allow abandoned cars but that doesn't mean they may not be near. And yes, this area is rich in history.
Booker T. Washington was born not far from here and we look down on J.E.B. Stuart's bithplace.

We get our eggs from Marlyn down the road. All I know is they come from a chicken and are SO much better then the store bought variety.

I know that traditionally women do the family cooking as well as most everything else in and out of the home but in my house I crack the eggs.

And gautami, thanks for stopping by. And thanks for all the future writing hints.

10:32 AM  
Blogger ~*Jenni*~ said...

I love Martha...Jail really did her some good

Thanks for visiting my blog!

11:08 AM  

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