Monday, December 12, 2005

Time Out

It's starting to snow on Groundhog Mountain. Real flakes, not those puny mini-flakes we had yesterday. If it continues it will be the first real snow fall we've had. There has been ice several days only one of which we thought it best not to try to navigate our somewhat steep driveway. We have every thing we need so we don't have to go any where. We'll just sit in front of our fire with a good movie and watch the snow.

I am getting away from this maddingly addictive blog until later this p. m. My mornings are now spent reading what's going on in some other peoples very interesting lives. I feel almost like a voyeur, peeking in a window here and a window there. And I am equally exposed! So, for the rest of the afternoon feel free to leave the shades up with no worry.


Blogger Bonita said...

It is a healthy impulse to take 'time out', as you say, to refresh your interests. A movie and the fire, blog entries by others, whatever it takes, go there. (I spent the entire day looking for apartments with my son, hopefully he will 'emancipate' successfully this time....)

4:01 PM  

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