Monday, December 05, 2005

And To Ellison I Leave SWMBO

It's a perfect early December day on Groundhog Mountain. Rain mixed with heavy sleet that started off and on last night. Snow is predicted for later today. And I am warm and cozy in our computer/library/TV room. Fisel for a change is not laying somewhere under my feet where I may unintended trod on toe or tail. And the love of my life, formerly know as SWMBO, formerly known as "yes dear**" is so happy after a very unhappy start to the day (I got fussed at three times before I finished my first cup of necessary coffee) she's been doing her happy dance since 11:00 AM.

(aside to audience)

Now I've been referring to my absolutely wonderful wife, Wanda, as "she who must be obeyed" since I started this blog a short time ago. Well it just so happens that Ellison has been referring to his, I'm sure, equally absolutely wonderful wife as SWMBO also. The origin lies with Horace Rumpole, Esq.. a curmudgeonly barrister, favoring "Chateau Thames Embankment" for wine and brought to life courtesy of BBC and PBS. I know I wouldn't like some infringing on my SWMBO so I defer to Ellison. Comments on this decision will be welcomed.

(back to actors, coats on ready to exit door, stage left)
(phone rings)

LOML (love of my life): "That was the testing center, they've canceled testing today due to the inclement weather".

That's when the happy dance started. No license exam, no white knuckle hour and half drive drive in horrible weather, and best of all more time to study. Suddenly it was wonderful day. I could swear the sun almost started shining.

Pulling our coats tighter against the falling sleet we took the Pathfinder (4 wheel drive) and headed off to "the market" in Meadows of Dan. One of the...actually two of the "fussables" were my forgetting to buy garbage bags and laundry detergent. More important we were out of chips and ice cream.

Taking the 4 wheel drive was one of my better ideas today. We were stopping at our realtor, Marlyn's to get fresh eggs. Putting on the brakes coming down hill to enter her driveway we started to fishtail on the slick, sleety, surface of Squirrel Spur. (enough with the alliteration) The SUV was easy to control thanks, I think to the 4 wheel drive. Yup. the realtor keeps yardbirds and sells eggs. I still get great joy when I look in the pan and see those firm orange yolks looking back.

We've had only sleet and rain up here but the closer we got to MOD the more snow we saw. They had a good dusting, quite a scene with white meadows, snow clinging to the branches and the clouds starting to blanket the ground. The news showed some pictures of Mabry Mill covered with snow. LOML (it's even shorter to type) said coming down Squirrel Spur on the way back home, "You know,it's beautiful here any time of the year". "Yes dear, your absolutely right", I replied. And as usual, she was.

Will post some snow pic's soon.

** HUSBANDS MANUAL, page 4: "yes dear" the appropriate answer for anything.
1. When asked a question and an answer does not come quickly to mind
2. When answering a question one did not hear and the situation seems tense.
3. Mandatory when used in conjunction with: garbage, hand washing, and "do I look alright"
"You look beautiful"
"You are absolutely right"
"It was an accident"
"The cat did it".
NOTE: probably the most important phrase in a husbands vocabulary.


Blogger Sandy said...

I'd love to argue with you about the "yes dear" response but alas...I can not.

It's true but us gals kinda do the same.

When hubby tells me about sports, video games, his job...I get that Mary Lou Retton grin on my face and say, "Wow..that's GREAT."


10:57 PM  
Blogger Elisson said...

Well, I can't claim to have invented the term, so you are of course welcome to use it. The hat tip is most appreciated!

7:35 PM  

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