Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saturday Night and That's Alright

Saturday night and THE big game. USF vs. VT and I have a problem.

I've always been a FSU fan ever since I decided Florida (University of) was the breeding ground for corrupt politicians and Miami (University of) was stereotyping birds what with that goofy looking Ibis for a mascot. My true collegiate loyalties are to my alma mater, the University of South Florida whose football team did well this year considering the program started only eight years ago in a trailer. USF's mascot is the bull. No funny hats, no obnoxious clothing, just bull. At one time USF was in Guinness (I'll take one) book of records as the largest school in the world without a football team.

Those are my hobbit feet. They're the right shape, shovel. If I were hobbit size they'd be just perfect. That's Fisel sharing her spot and that's FSU whupin' up on VT on the TV.

SWAMBO has no enthusiasm for football. She does tolerate mine. And Fisel? Isn't that obvious. Actually Fisel does watch TV occasionally, but only porno. Just kidding, she usually falls asleep on that also.

I've been a Virginia Tech fan for a while now. Before we moved to Groundhog Mountain I would eagerly absorb anything that reminded me of this place. And this place is Virginia Tech country. Frank Beamer, the head coach, is from Fancy Gap, ten miles down the road. Besides they have a good team and I might as well root for a winner. So there you have the scenario: my two second favorite teams playing each other. Talk about angst. Then I let go.

It was great, I cheered for whoever had the ball. I didn't care who won. A tie would have perfect. As it was Florida won but I would have been happy if Virginia Tech won. It wasn't "either/or" it was a win, win situation. It was a great game, no matter which team made the big play, I was happy.

Talk about contentment, a cozy room on a cold mountain night (sleet), feet propped up, cat keeping me company, a cup of hot tea (thanks sweetie), and a football game in which there could be no disappointments.
Does life get any better?


Blogger Bonita said...

Thanks for stopping by Flitzy, Dave - I've been reading you, and your style is similar to mine. We like a lot of the same things. I like the tea, cat, and your Sweetie - but, I'll take Animal Planet. They showed a nice film on a man raising hyennas last night. Boy he was good, like a 'Hyenna Whisperer'. Life is good.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaah the kitty cat looks like a sweetie pie.

Your life sounds perfect to's the little things ain't it?

4:41 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

I would watch Annimal Planet, Bonita, back when we had cable. The rescue shows were disturbing and Jeff Corwin particully funny when he tried to drive a car.

"Sweety pie". Sandy? I'll give her "sweety" but no "pie". Let me send you over to cat central for and a real scoop of litter on this deceptively placid looking feline.

Thanks for the nice comments.

6:38 AM  

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