Saturday, January 07, 2006

God Doesn't Sucker Punch

I don't pay much attention to Pat Robinson. I think he's in it for the money. And for him to try to explain Gods intentions is completely whacked. Having said that I wonder if there might be something to his latest harangue. My thought on the Bible is that littoral interpretation misses the mark because we're not dealing with physical reality (whatever that may be) but rather with spiritual surrealism. Joseph Campbell once said, "People get stuck in the metaphor" when referring to this kind of thing. We too often interpret the Bible without understanding the true message.

Primarily the Bible is a guide for getting us through this place which George Bernard Shaw referred to as a "lunatic asylum for inhabitants of other planets". What old Joel was writing about back then is true also today but in a wider context and not one that has to do primarily with the State of Israel. Isn't the whole world Gods land? Expanding on this "punishment" idea, we bring these chastisements on ourselves not because God wills them but by not following the rules. Judging by Mr. Sharons size, the stroke was caused more by diet then deity.

We are instructed to live a certain way because it benefits us not because God has an obsessive need for our obedience. Understand that God wants us to be happy and to live a joyful life. Doing what the Bible says is a way (not the only way but it works for me) to that happiness and after all isn't that what we all want?


Blogger Bonita said...

Yes, God knows what is best for us - submission to that is not always easy, because our ego says we can do everything differently. And, it always fails when we do. I hope all mankind will live together more harmoniously, but that is a long time coming. I'm glad you have the comfort of a deep faith.

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