Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If Katie Can Do It....

Tomorrow is a day I have looked forward to and dreaded at the same time. Actually today the experience begins. I am going for a colonoscopy. I wanted to do this several years ago but can you believe the insurance wouldn't pay for it. Now that I have Medicare I can afford it. There is no doubt that any of you who has not been living in total isolation is familiar with the benefits of this procedure so I'm not going into that except to say if your approaching seniorhood have it done.

I talked to my friend, Rob in "Chitown", who has had five so far. He says the worst part is getting ready for it. You know the "stay close to the john" syndrome. Today it's don't eat anything day. Soft egg and white toast for breakfast. OK so far, I like three minute eggs and can tolerate white toast although I like the whole grain better. But that's it. Nothing for the rest of the day except clear liquids. And yes, vodka is considered a clear liquid (I checked although Wanda thinks I'm lying about that). I'm gonna be hungry because broth just don't make it.

Tonite the fun begins. Before going to bed I take this stuff called "Fleet" and drink lots of water (make that "clear liquids"). Fleet reminds me of a bunch of ships (I think I misspelled that) or the speed maybe that one heads for the john (named for John Crapper, the most famous of plumbers). It's lemon-ginger flavor which is a vodka infusion I haven't tried...yet.

So tomorrow I take my hunger pangs and head for the hospital in Mt. Airy where Doc Appler will proceed to check out my intestines. I am convinced that doctors who do this sort of thing really earn their money. I wonder what makes these guys choose this specialty when they could pick something else, say like gynecologist.

Oh well, Rob says there is an up side, they give some really good drugs to knock you out.


Blogger Bonita said...

I do not envy you - but, good goin'...in every respect of the word.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

Just dropped by and apparently we have mutual friends ie livey, Guy, and Capt B. What a post to drop in on ...so to speak;) Been there and did that and so has hubby. He had me move a small tv to the mens room as he planned to just camp there. Good luck..tonight really is the worst part!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mother goes all the time for one. It runs in the family and the weird thing is it's with the females. Two of my mothers' sisters have had to have colostomy bags put in and they kept them for years 'till they died.

Side note: We used to always save old bread bags for the ole' gals. The colostomy bags were expensive so they got bread bags from the family..hehe.

Anyway...my mom says it ain't so bad but she could be lying :)

3:40 PM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement..So far so good.
Didn't realize all the food commercials they show.
Things have been moving right along.
Thanks for stopping by, sk. Fortunatly the TV is close to the john.
Sandy, you are a trip. Bread bags for colostomy bags. LOL

8:30 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Wonder Bags! Pepperidge Bags! I'm only 32 and I haven't heard everything yet but that bit of practical wisdom has gotten me much closer to that realization :)

I've had an upper endoscopy done, which I understand is similar but they go in from the opposite direction.

My wife's first cousin and good friend Karen is an assistant to physicians who perform colonoscopies. The last time I asked her what she did at work, she replied "I look at butts all day!" Now you know why that was the last time I asked her :)


3:32 AM  

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