Saturday, January 21, 2006

OK, So That Was Friday

It's one of those mornings on Groundhog Mountain. But at least it's not cold. So far the weather up here this winter has not been as bad as the winters we had in Baltimore. The worst of it is the clouds.

Love of my life has gone off the meet the bipolar (at least I think so) manager for some business stuff. Later on today we're driving to Roanoke, about 60 miles away for some more business stuff.

Yesterday I chauffeured her around while she made her insurance calls. We drove down some narrow back roads around the sides of mountains and then back roads off the back roads. . I don't know how the guys who sold the original polices found these people. There are still many isolated areas around here. In many cases that isolation brings with it a beauty that is found in very few places any more. We got home about seven PM, she tired from talking and me tired from driving. We really appreciate the gas mileage of the Toyota Celica.

Wanda was getting frustrated because most places were, needless to say, difficult to find. She calmed down when I told her it was like a drive in the country, which she's always enjoyed, with occasional stops.

I called Phyllis who had called me from Primland where I had applied for a job. She wanted to know if I was still interested, which I am. The GM will be out of town until the sixth of February and he does the hiring. Phyllis and I had a good conversation the gist of which was I'll call back on the sixth and she will make sure I get an interview. I do have an advanced degree in schmoozing.

Primland is a huge upscale hunting and fishing resort right down the road in Claudville. It's a little known place with high profile guests. Right now they are in the process of putting in a golf course. There's a fine dining restaurant and rental cottages. I have a good feeling about working there and maybe it will come to pass.


Blogger Bonita said...

When you are in a production mode like Wanda is when she is working her route, all that scenery can't be appreciated in a normal, relaxed way...I'm glad you are there to drive her around. Nice together time, nice memories.

9:46 AM  

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