Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's A Bleezard!

Yesterday I drove into the Wal-Mart in Mt. Airy. I should have known something was up when the parking lot resembled NASCAR. I always wonder why people drive round and round looking for a parking spot close to the door. In the time they spend looking for that perfect place they could walk from way up yonder. The stroll from the back of the lot is much better for ones health.

Yes, they were stocking up on the usual presnow fall necessities. You can never have enough toilet tissue or milk. My priority was coffee creamer. We must have Hazelnut Coffeemate, nothing else will do. And not that wimpy non-fat stuff. If we're going to clog our arteries we're going to do it right!

So here it is, the first real snow of the year on Groundhog Mountain. We woke up this morning to about two inches and it's been coming down all morning. They're calling for it to continue through out the day. Not to worry, the pantry is well stocked, the vodka bottle is full and we have an ample supply of TP.

I buy cheap vodka, Burnetts, and pour it into the empty bottle of a much better brand. Some how it seems better that way. When I buy brandy (cheap) it goes into an empty Louis XIII bottle. That's the stuff that sell for around $1300. a fifth. The empty hand blown Baccarat bottle goes for about $80. on E-Bay. I collected a bunch of different empties when I was beverage manager. The Louis XIII was a real catch as most of the time the person who buys the last shot ($100. or so) gets the bottle. Since the guy who emptied this one was in the restaurant and not in the bar, he didn't know. And as they say, "don't ask, don't tell". And yes, I have sampled it and it is beyond good. And if I ever win the lottery, I'm gonna get me some.

As for toilet paper, I get Angel Soft.


Blogger benning said...

It's the TP that's most important!

Good thinking!

I work in a Wal-Mart: we had an older driver knock over an older lady who stood in a parking spot she was saving for her hubby. Police came, but what is wrong with people? There wasn't even a storm coming! Yeesh!

6:15 AM  

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