Monday, November 27, 2006

Time Out

I'm taking a time out from blogging. But maybe you noticed since I haven't posted in about a month.
The job has been consuming a inordinate amount of time. November 15th started the open enrollment period for Medicare which lasts until December 31 and since that's what we do, overtime has become very necessary but profitable.
Add to that the holiday season.
There may be a random post here or there and a visit to see how y' all are doing but nothing on a regular basis.
I have every intention of ending my blogging vacation around the end of next month so until then....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Again

I've heard people say there's nothing going on up here in the mountains. It seems however Wanda and I have more of a social life here then we ever had in "the city". Tonight our friend, Bob returned from Florida for several days and we are off to Galax for dinner. Tomorrow it's Roanoke for some shopping and a stop at our favorite sushi restaurant. Then Sunday, church and of course football. Not much going on Monday but Tuesday we are hosting a bible study at home and of course you are all invited. And so it goes. And we don't even make it to many of the festivals, auctions, yard sales, concerts and other assorted events in the area.

The beagle sisters have visited the local vet to assure there are no little beagle puppies at Villa MacBeane. They also received the necessary shots. Since they made it an overnight of it's been pretty quiet around here.

And the news is full of local happenings. Other than the guy who was arrested for operating a moonshine still about three miles down the road. In the next county the sheriff and a bunch of his deputies were arrested for selling drugs and guns. You can read all about that as well as other local events here. We live in Patrick County, where the high sheriff was busted is Henry County. The counties were named after, you guessed it, Patrick Henry.

Moonshine is and has been a local cottage industry in these parts for generations. After the whiskey rebellion chased the Ulster Scots out of western Pennsylvania they fled to south finding the mountains of southwest Virginia a perfect place to set up shop. My Scottish ancestors had little respect for he law and great respect for a wee dram of the water of life. It is said that other of the pioneers coming south would actually avoid the settlements of my ancestors. I can't imagine why. The poor fellow mentioned above had just begun his first "run" and he was caught by the "revenuers".

I mentioned in the last post about my weird dreams. The one the other night was about a new design for an aqua blue toilet brush. How weird is that? It would have been better if the product design were practical.

I can't believe we are already seeing Christmas commercials. I just wish as much attention would be paid to the reason for the season.

And I'm so tired of the politicians and their rhetoric. As Mark Twain once said, the problem with a democracy is someone always gets elected.