Sunday, March 18, 2007


As Wanda put it, this whole week has been surreal.

Waiting in the examining room, overhearing the good Dr. request a breast cancer kit did not bode well. He was quite professional and direct in delivering the diagnosis and the the treatment options.

Then there was the part about the part about no insurance. Her Dr. said treatment will run in the neighborhood of $100,000. A neighborhood I seldom visit. One can only bless the medical establishment in these parts. She has been promised and received incomparable care. It seems like the HR person (who is being replaced) neglected to provide insurance before the promised effective date. All of a sudden Wednesday, health insurance at work became a priority with management. The policy is not the best but at least it is coverage and with Gods help she will be covered.

So the prognosis is good especially since she has innumerable prayers being said for her. We can only thank the Lord for his healing and His hand in the chemo and radiation therapy. I really do think the Lord works through the drug companies. He does bring good out of evil.

Wanda's big sister, Paulette, drove down Tuesday from Baltimore to be with her. She lost her way only once but as a result got to do the white knuckle drive Rt 58 up the mountain. The "Lovers Leap" drive can be unnerving for someone not used to these roads. She went back Saturday after Fridays fog and rain had dissipated. Can anyone be as comforting as a big sister?

Pray for us.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Medical Update

Well, we are back to living on faith. Motivator #1 Love of my life with the help of modern medicine has found a rather large lump in her breast. It was biopsied yesterday and today we are off to see the surgeon. Motivator # 2 She has no health insurance. We were told it would be available six months after we were hired. The first of this month it should have been in available. I just hope they continue to offer overtime at work since they messed up the insurance he said as he continued to mutter about pre-existing conditions and the like.

Fortunately she has a strong support group. Several of her close friends have been through this (albeit with insurance) and can keep her positive. She has her posse at work and church to keep the prayers working. And we have our faith in God and His infinite goodness and love.

Will keep you posted and I know you will excuse me hopefully for a brief interval.