Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Think Warm

Since it's cold and snowy throughout much of the country I thought this would offer at least a little relief. This is Sunset Beach on Treasure Island Florida and the beach where I grew up.
When I was a kid some fifty years ago most of the residents were either fishermen or tradespeople. Today most of the residents are either CEO's or the idle rich. Back in the 50's we bought our beach house for $5,000, today it would probably go for close to 100 times that.

Back when I was driving a cab on the beach a call from the Driftwood Inn usually meant I was in for some sort of adventurous time from the upcoming fare. I was one of those bars which attracted colorful drunks. Today the Driftwood Inn is no longer, it has morphed into the Caddy Shack. Shortly after the valet parked our car, this picture was taken from the rooftop deck. I now know the world has gone crazy...valet parking at the Driftwood Inn!


Blogger GUYK said...

yep..that property sells by the square foot now..I looked at some water front in my area..the cost was not only too much, I couldn't afford the taxes and homeowners insurance

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

After the fire at my place, I might need a beach to cool off... *S*

It's about the same development over here in Sweden too. Insane.

7:07 AM  

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