Friday, November 25, 2005

Get Ready...

It's the day after and all are quieting the "munchies" with copious quantities of left overs. It was an interesting diner to put together considering the sum of menu planning before Wednesday was sweet potatoes and a ham we got on sale at Wal-mart (Would you believe, Wal-mart). I never thought it would come to such a sad state.

On our way back from the second trip (oh, how we hate to go to the cities) to Roanoke with "papers" for SWAMBO's new job we (the visiting Sister and her husband who I insisted go along even if their most favorite thing is sitting on the deck watching birds but I needed support) decided to stop in Floyd and continue the menu planning at "Slaughters", the local food store. There's a Food Lion in Floyd but I don't go there since the day they put the pork chops in the bag with the sugar and tissue, both of which had to be discarded because of the leaked blood. There, take that, Food lion!

Coming through the snow storm in Christiansburg and following the log truck slowly down route 8 to Floyd had built an appetite. I learned a long time ago, never go to the grocery on an empty stomach so we stopped to see Rob at Oddfellas, good food and conversation with Rob the owner. And yes, Rob, I did quit pimping in Mt. Airey. Anyway our family conference did produce a consensus, green beans, sauerkraut, greens, stuffing, turkey, an all important cranberry sauce and the already mentioned ham and sweet potatoes. Then there's the two pies but in fairness the pecan only has to thaw. But still, take it out of the freezer, put it in the fridge.... Oh, great, lot's of food to prepare! Anyone for KFC? It's a good thing I enjoy cooking.


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