Thursday, December 15, 2005

It Does Work For Sean Connery....

This was taken a year ago at the Mountain Rose Inn. I'm not posting this because I want everyone to see my picture, well that's not entirely true.
I am turning to people who like to comment on things to help me make a decision.

LOML wants me to grow a beard. She likes beards, why I'll never know.
I don't and I think Jack Wresler is to blame.

Back in my cab driving days, 80 year old Jack was a regular rider the third Sunday of each month. I would pick him up from his church. He and the the groceries he had collected for the food bank and take Jack and the groceries home. It was a distance and we talked. He had a fantastic life, if it can be believed. An electrical engineer, he said he talked GE into the electric business. His present occupation was (age 80) was traveling about the globe advising for Phillips electronics which I understand is a Dutch company whose president gave Jack a Mercedes as a wedding gift. But it was a good run and he tipped well. Anyway, Jack didn't like beards or mustaches or facial hair in general. I guess he told me enough that he brainwashed me.

But then I have never had a beard. Mustaches, yes, several. I don't want one of those either. They get full of coffee and beer foam and cigar smoke (I'm lying, I really smoke cigarettes but cigars sound a little better and yes, I'd like to quit but it's difficult). I think beards look affected on most men. It's like I'd be trying to hide a week chin or something. The other thing, a strong jawline makes the face stand out like I had a mouth full of acorns. And then there is the food and drink issue and Wanda says I eat like a child anyway but at least I'd catch some of the stuff that now falls on my shirt.

I'm not big on shaving in any case. Maybe once every couple days unless we have to go somewhere special.
But isn't that unshaved look in vogue now days? There's all these guys I see on TV with a couple days growth.
Then I have those visions of Z Z Top and George Clooney in "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou" and all those guys that braid them and add beads and act weird.

So help me out here, folks.

I've been trying to download "blogpoll" but they don't seem to want to respond. It seems like the voting machine pandemic has struck. I'm not big on democracy anyway, but it's the best we've got. And never let it be said I'm not to proud to beg for comments.


Blogger Sandy said...

Well..I LOVE facial hair on men. I can't wait for my husband to become a civilian just so he can grow a beard! He's saying no right now but I gotta be honest.

My husband doesn't have a very "strong" chin so honestly I think the beard will help "hide" that a little.

When you get older sometimes the face sags, etc and you men can camoflauge that with a beard.

You got great salt & pepper hair and your beard will look AWESOME..

Remember how crazy women went over Kenny Rogers right?

If your woman wants a beard I say give it to her :)

I think it'll make you look even more handsome.

9:47 PM  
Blogger Bonita said...

When the love of your life says to try something, just do it. You tried. Then, she'll reconsider, perhaps. I love a man who seriously considers a woman's preferences - now, I hate orange, and my husband wears it, buys orange stuff for most of my birthday presents, and will do so for the rest of his life...

9:53 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Sandy, your arguments are so convincing. And I know how your husband feels (about beards, anyway).
Is that why you posted the pic of the peeled orange frog, Bonita?
"just do it"? Well, it did work for Nike or is it Addis?. Some of us have no choice but to seriously consider a woman's preference.

9:24 PM  

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