Saturday, September 16, 2006

Food, Wine, and Eternal Life

When it comes to finding mushrooms, some days are better than others. This was the results of Mondays search around my "mushroom farm". These are, except for the little corrugated milky (Lactarius corrugis)peeking out from the back row, are voluminous - latex milkys (Lactarius volemus). All are considered choice edibles. Cooked with a little butter and garlic, they freeze quite well. Unfortunately the season is coming to an end and most of the frozen mushrooms have been eaten.
My mushroom education is self taught and as such I must take some care when it comes to identification. I'm sure there are many other species of edibles growing around the yard but until I'm sure it's not going to give me hallucinations, intense lower gastro-intestinal pain, hours in the loo, or an early demise, I'm not going to eat it.

Bob and Avi
Last night we had our new neighbors, Bob and Avagail, over for dinner. Steaks on the grill smothered with mushrooms (see above) and onions, Grandmothers Green Beans, garlic mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Bob (and I) enjoy a good glass of wine so I splurged and bought a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz (the best that Walmart had to offer). They have fed us on several occasions and it was time we reciprocated. They are a rare breed, fourth generation native Floridians. We have become quite fond of them. Bob has a CPA business and unfortunately they were on the road back to sunny and hot Florida at 5 AM this morning. It was a wonderfully cool evening finished around the fire bowl on the deck with a glass of wine and good conversation.

This couple has been a blessing to us as they are both fine Christians whose belief in Gods word is probably stronger than ours. They have a story to tell which I will now relate. Bob died. He was driving home and somehow his car wound upside down in a Florida canal and he drowned. In a coma for several months he was returned to us, none the less for his experience. Last night I asked him if he had any after life knowledge, the answer we got was more than I expected. An angel, his former Sunday school teacher came to take him to his eternal home. Not being admitted directly to heaven he indeed did face Gods judgment. He said all the time he knew people were praying for his life and God was hearing the prayers. In Gods mercy he was given a second chance but not before he was given a glimpse of hell. The only thing he could compare it to was a sewer, no fire and brimstone but a place of absolute despair. Satan appeared as no more than a man. He also said he saw a former friend ( a lawyer) of his there. He compared the journey to heaven as a train trip where some go first class and some coach. So, there it is.


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