Thursday, December 01, 2005

We ARE NOT in Hillsville

The Mountain Rose Inn is where we stayed when we first came to Patrick County, VA. I'd link to them but the inn-keepers who were the soul of the place moved just after ours. I like to think they moved because we wouldn't be coming back to stay. Melodie makes the best breakfast. No ham and eggs here, it's sorbet and various homemade rolls and muffins, her own jams and jellies and Reeves had his recipe for Mountain Jam published in "Gourmet". They're now at the Essex Inn in Tappahannock. The Mountain Rose is in Woolwine at the north end of Patrick Co. Wades produce is located in Woolwine. SWAMBO's Uncle got a bushel of apples there for $4.50.

When we were looking for our home we looked in Elamsville which is close to Woolwine. SWAMBO entered "Elamsville" in search hit go and was sent immediately to a site listing hate group activity. It seems Elamsville is where a certain southern hate group holds their annual rant. You'll see Woolwine listed there also.

I heard on NPR the other day moonshine is making a big comeback in this area. It seems there is a big demand for it in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Baltimore, who knew? I know it's around because some one who shall remain nameless told a very funny story the other day about recently hauling a quantity through Hillsville.
I just wish I had a quarter for every gallon that's gone over these mountain roads. I wish I had some.

Hillsville is in Carroll County. Not in Patrick County. As I may have mentioned we are in Patrick county yet our mailing address is Hillsville. Meadows of Dan is closer and has a post office but they don't deliver in this area. I think it's because they have to go through Carroll county to get here. Hillsville is the annual Labor Day Flea Market and also the location of the Hillsville Massacre It's also the location of the Food Lion where the bagger put the bloody pork chops in with the sugar and tissue which had to be thrown out when we got home. Gotcha again, Food Lion.

What got me going on all this is Guy has this neat little map that show where we all are. I say "we" because I added my name and the location came up HILLSVILLE! I am not in Hillsville. It's in Carrol County, I'm in Patrick County, "The Free State of Patrick" ,, named for Patrick Henry. Henry County must have gotten there first or we were closer friends of the man. As I've said MOD

(flashback: Manager on Duty or in the hotel business Madwoman/man on Duty, my favorite was Lobby lizard)

is the closest town. So Guy, if you could get that corrected.
Just Kidding.


Blogger GUYK said...

It is pretty country but for old men with bad knees all them hills are tough walking. I would have to get me a four wheel drive cane

3:37 PM  
Blogger Cowtown Pattie said...

Very lovely spot. Would make a great anniversary get away...

6:32 PM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Your right, Pattie, All the lurid details are archived under October
in a early post I did "Detour on the Road to Finding Henry".

9:48 PM  

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