Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Got the Day Off To Celebrate.

My darling wife has given me the day off. She's going out with the sales manager. I have promised to stay out of trouble and wash my hands. I carry on a lot about her and her hand washing but it one of the most important methods to stay germ free.

Yesterday we rode around the Woodlawn area collecting premiums. I'm getting to know these back roads rather well, thank you. Woodlawn is where Harmon's is located. Besides having a huge selection of western wear there is a museum of local history. And there is a lot of local history.

We returned to Heritage Road which we had tried to navigate Monday evening after dark. Heritage is hardly more then a dirt road off through the woods and since we weren't sure where it would lead decided to return in daylight. After many twists and turns around the branch above we came to our destination, the Summers place, a small farm which had been in the family for generations.

While the women were doing the insurance thing I had a pleasant conversation with Arliss Summers. It seems even in that remote spot there was development. An acre is going for 50 to 60 thousand and folks from Florida are now living on the ridge above the farm. There have been three houses go up in our little development in the six months we've been here. We talked about the evergrowing drug problem and how he was now having to lock his doors. I learned that beef cattle are better then dairy because they don't have to be milked. Wanda came out of the house laughing because I had a farmer to talk to. She swears I've truly found my element.

At one stop the daughter had fallen and hit her head and was now suffering amnesia. A couple hours later we stopped at the Davis'es and Mr. D., a contractor, had fallen, injured his back and hadn't worked since October. When Wanda was telling him about the daughter with amnesia, he said he knew the family and the father had been there earlier the same day to do some work. It's like that around here, everyone knows everyone. Except us, but even though we're new to the area we're learning fast.

We stopped by the brick masons to give him his four dollars and met his lady friend who is a nurse and a shop-a-holic. The house is chock a block full of stuff and she attempted to show it all accompanied by a running commentary. I must say her rock collection is as impressive as his arrowheads with both collections spilling out into the carport and brick planters in front of the house. Her constant descriptions of the various stuff made it almost impossible to get away. Thankfully, she couldn't find the Yanni CD amongst the clutter.

So today I'm taking care of all those necessary little annoyances I couldn't do. like pay some bills, change the outside light bulb, and take down the Christmas tree. Don't laugh, our first year together it was up until July when we finally had to cut it up and send it off in garbage bags. It made the house smell so good. My friend in Florida, Bill, once left his up all year. The way the holidays are rushed any more that may become the thing.

I am reminded by Binty McShea today is Robert Burns birthday and any who even knows someone Scottish or of Scottish descent should raise a glass to the bard. If ya' don't have a Haggis handy, you may find one here.
In honor of my Brother Freemason absent from us till the day breaks and the shadows flee:

Masonic Song 1786

SongTune: "Shawn-boy," or "Over the water to Charlie."

Ye sons of old Killie, assembled by Willie,

To follow the noble vocation;

Your thrifty old mother has scarce such another

To sit in that honoured station.

I've little to say, but only to pray,

As praying's the ton of your fashion;

A prayer from thee Muse you well may excuse

'Tis seldom her favourite passion.

Ye powers who preside o'er the wind, and the tide,

Who marked each element's border;

Who formed this frame with beneficent aim,

Whose sovereign statute is order:-

Within this dear mansion, may wayward Contention

Or withered Envy ne'er enter;

May secrecy round be the mystical bound,

And brotherly Love be the centre!


Blogger Bonita said...

I would love to see your neighbors - I'll back off of the Yanni, but I'd love to see the rock collection.

Yesterday on Oprah, they had a segment on the Bird Flu, and all the lack of preparedness, etc. A doctor said vaccines will not be sufficient, and that the only real thing we can do is WASH OUR HANDS! and do not touch eyes, nose, mouth. So, whoever has this habit in your household - good goin'.

3:09 PM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

The rocks were impressive; a really nice chunck of crystal quartz and a beautiful obsidion among others.
You just made Wanda's night with the hand washing coment.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

I am a hand washing fool myself and I keep that hand sanitizer stuff in every room of the's my family laughs at me but seriously....gotta keep them hands clean!

12:06 AM  

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