Sunday, April 09, 2006

And Now Folks, Everything From A to Z!

My recent trip to Raleigh, North Carolina reminded me how blessed I am to be living on Groundhog Mountain. Since it's so quiet up here every noise there was magnified. Oh, yes, the stores and restaurants were at hand but so was the traffic. I've gotten into the mountain habit of speaking to people who pass and there, when I did, the response was a rather strange look. I didn't go out much mostly because the course involved constant study and besides them city folks are crazy and give you strange looks.

My friend Ruth, who is a terrific writer and looks at life from an interesting perspective has seen fit to take advantage of my age and absence and tag me (again). She knows I'm kind of slow, an easy hit who can't outrun her verbal dexterity. This time it's the "everything you wanted to know about me from A to Z" thing. So for all you who, upon tumbling out of bed this morning, asked yourself as your feet hit the cold floor "I sure would like to know more about that MacBean gene guy" (you know who you are) here is the answer to your burning question.

Accent- I am told when I first started speaking it was with and Italian accent. I have since lost it. But I sho' nuf can talk southern witha best'um, doncha know, shuga? Didja bring th' Chevy wicha?
Booze- It's all good. I don't drink a lot, just consistently.
Chore I hate- Anything to do with an automobile except drive and I really enjoy that.
Dog or cat- Either, cats seem to be a force in my life. The MacBean beast is a cat and the family motto is "Touch not the cat bot a targe" translated- don't mess with this cat unless you bring some heavy protection.
I've never met a cat that didn't like me. And my astrology sign was at one time in history the cat. So much for that catasrophic catagory.
Essential Electonics-after light bulbs it's the refrigerator. And nothing more complicated than the computer or cell phone.
Favorite perfume- On a woman, Shalamar and I like, Paul Sebastian.
Gold or silver- Gold, I like jewelry. Two rings, watch, maybe a bracelet and, if appropriate, a neck chain. That's it, don't want to overdo.
Hometown-I was born in Elkhart, Indiana, but soon had to get out of town. The Gulf of Mexico was a block from our house on Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, Florida where I grew up.
Insomnia-only if I drink caffeinated coffee after 6 PM.
Job Title-Insurance agent. Others I've had: Busboy, Meter reader in a sewer, DJ at a radio station, Art Director at a TV station, Shoe salesman, Cook, Kitchen manager, restaurant manager and owner, lawn care worker, taxi driver, hotel night manager, room service manager, hotel executive stewart, banquet manager, banquet captain, catering service manager, general construction, husband.
Kids-two sons, two daughters. (I know of)
Living arrangements-Fisal, our attack cat allows love of my life and myself to stay with her in the retirement home we bought her on Groundhog Mountain where she takes excellent care of us.
Most admirable trait-Other than my ability to scratch the back of my neck with my big toe, my sparkling wit, cheerful disposition and magnetic personality. Oh, yes, also my humility.
Number of sexual partners-Sorry folks, I lost track after the first thousand or so.
Overnight hospital stays-Two, both for the first and second of four hernia repairs (TMI?). I sure was glad when they got it right and left.
Phobias-any TV reality show unless it has to do with home improvement.
Quote-"Never hesitate to open a bottle of wine or kiss a pretty girl", Earnest Hemingway
Religion-I am a born again, bible thumping, fundamentalist Christian. And I believe God has a great sense of humor. He has to since He got involved in my life. I firmly believe He wants us to enjoy our life on this world to the fullest and will, if we give Him the OK, do everything in His power to see that happens. It's just that we mess it up by thinking we can help Him out. Jesus first miracle was at a wedding and it was to turn water into wine. Furthermore Jesus danced at the last supper. Now that should tell us something. If it's written in the Bible, I believe it. Finally, I hope to see you all in heaven as we sing and polka to country gospel around the throne of God. If you're not saved by the sacrifice of Jesus blood on the cross, get with it and join the fun. It's FREE for the asking. That's not to say I don't respect others beliefs. We all have our own way of getting close to our Creator. This answer could probably, in itself, take up another blog so that will have to do.
Siblings-I have two sisters, both younger than myself. One teaches elementary school in St. Petersburg, Florida. The other has a goat farm outside Lake Butler, Florida.
Time I wake up-About an hour after I get up.
Unusual talent or skill-I can sleep standing up
Vegetable I refuse to eat-chitterlings. I know that's not a vegetable but there's not one I don't like.
Worst habit-Annoying my wife. And the fun part is, I don't even know when I'm doing it.
X-Rays-Some of you kids may remember going to the shoe store and having your feet x-rayed to make sure the new shoes fit. It didn't help, they still had to be "broke in".
Yummy foods I make-All of them. The best is probably strawberry cheesecake.
Zodiac sign-Libra, with a bunch of planets in Taurus. I have been told I'm a triple Venusian which must be good.

Now I usually don't tag anyone else so I won't but I really would like to see what:
Lifecruisers (either/or both)
My neighbor, Leslie
and my favorite Boopchild and anyone else out there would do with this. You know, you don't have to, but inquiring minds do want to know.


Anonymous Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Well, I knew it as soon as I read that you've been tagged....

Yep, another tag for us. We'll see what we can dig up. and when :-)

3:48 AM  
Blogger Leslie Shelor said...

OK! this looks like a fun one. Might take me a little while but be watching for it!

9:01 AM  
Blogger itsboopchile said...

I took you seriously and went from A to Z. Not so hard when there isn't much to pick from.
(much from which to pick)I hate those editing rules!!
Got some ladies thinking and a couple doing, so your tagging is paying off!
See you, Betty G
I like you and you and you. A line from my A to Z and I promise to toss it soon.

6:39 PM  

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