Friday, December 02, 2005

It's Not Exactly the "Twilight Zone"...but

Archie had his chair. Edith had hers. SWAMBO and I have our place on Groundhog Mountain as well as favored ends of the couch. Fisal has her's although she has completely different views about it then we. There are certain places in our environment that are comfortable and put us in accord with life.

Before I met my wife in Baltimore I shopped at an area that was not particularly convenient to me but where I felt comfortable. After I got a car (there's a blog) I discovered an insurance office in that area where I could make a payment. And it was in that very office I met the love of my life (and there's a blog, for real).

Welcome to Wytheville. Look in any direction and there are mountains. Except, of course when they are hidden by main street.

It's amazing how my trying to discover where my fathers family came from led me to Groundhog Mountain and now it appears is going to lead me to Wytheville. For a little background on this here's a link to a past post: Detour on the Road to Finding Henry .

Wytheville for some reason calls. One reason it is SWAMBO's business territory. Since she will be traveling there I might as well find a job there and ride along to work. Sounds like a plan.

But there's more to it then that. There always is, isn't there? I have a feeling that this town, this area is my place in the world. Maybe the magic of the mountain has worked it's spell or maybe I'm just carried away with the beauty at every turn. Do we ever really know why we find ourselves where we are?

Driving to Wytheville today I passed cattle and horses grazing on the gentle hillsides against the background of the mountains. It was like something out of "Heidi" or "Sound of Music". I expected Julie Andrews at any minute.

This is Mt. Zion Lutheran Church. It's a few miles out of town, up a dirt road. Back in 1786 my gggg grandfather, Henry Beane married Anna Creiger, my gggg grandmother in the original wooden structure. Now, is that cool or what?

I don't know what's happening here. Maybe nothing. Or maybe I'm being drawn by sympathetic ancestor spirits to find out more about the family I never knew. That does happen, ya know, I saw something similar on "Medium ".


Blogger Dave said...

I too am a Beane descendant and have spent many days in the country around the picturesque town of Wytheville. Henry Beane was actually Henry Buhn (the u has an amulet). He had a son, Jacob who is my GGGGGrandfather. Jacob's son, Uriah is buried just up the road at Ceres in Bland County, another beautiful area of the SW Virginia mountains.

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