Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dave's Late Night Cooking Show

I bought three turkey legs on sale at Wal-mart. I like buying meat on sale. Hell, I like buying anything on sale but only if I need it. I need food and what with the distance to Wal-mart (S#*t, I said it again) it's best to stock up. The turkey rested in the freezer until tonight.

What says "comfort food" more then a pot of turkey noodle soup, with home made noodles. I know it will be welcome when SWAMBO returns home tomorrow evening with the as Guy Charming Just Charming says, "sumbitch weather man" talking about mountains and snow in the same sentence. I've done it before and making noodles to me is a zen experience something akin to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. An early memory is helping my grandmother make noodles in the parsonage kitchen where we lived. I was the "unroller". It's the kneading, and rolling and cutting and unrolling that has a very soothing effect. There is a natural connection when working with flour. According to "The History of Food" by Toussaint-Samat wheat was discovered to be grown at Jericho as far back as 10,000 BC. So the human race has by this time formed a thing for flour. Sorry if your allergic to the stuff, that's like being allergic to, well,... Bread, it's everywhere!

My culinary education was Julia (the best), Jeff (He did what?), that Cajun guy with the red suspenders, Martin Yan, the worlds fastest chicken deboner (that sounded perverse) and Mario (whoever heard of a red headed Italian) Batalli and of course Emeril. I learned a lot from him mostly back in the early days when he focused more on Cajun cooking techniques.

Over the years I've added herbs to the dough while kneading. Tonight it was some oregano I have left from my herb garden in Baltimore, some onion powder ($.49 at Big Lots), and BAM some Cajun seasoning. I did Emeril's "holy trinity" of pepper, onion and celery. Still the classicist at heart I added carrot and garlic. But then everything gets gaaarlic except maybe ice cream and I bet there is a recipe for that.

I use an empty Grey Goose bottle for a rolling pin. It has just the right heft...or roll or feel or something. For some reason dough doesn't seem to stick to it to good which is good.

Several score of noodles are now drying on the kitchen counter. Tomorrow they will simmer all day with the turkey and stock. A rich brown roux should tighten it up. Just the thing on a chill autumn night to warm the soul and welcome the love of my life home.


Blogger GUYK said...

What WAS that Cajun cook/comedian's name. I can picture the crazy sumbitch in my mind but can't think of his name.Back in the sixties he put out a couple of LPs with his stories and I used to have them, the "back up three or two step, I garuntee" cajun talk stories

6:34 AM  
Blogger Cowtown Pattie said...

That Cajun guy, my cousin, was none other than Justin Wilson ("Schoos-Tan").

Guy, did you ever hear the Justin Wilson tale about the skinny woman on the elevator, and the dad telling the son that's what happens when you don't drink your milk? Hilarious.

If you like Justin Wilson albums, you probably would love Jerry Clower stories about his friend, Marcel.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Donna in Texas said...

Jeff(did what?) Hadn't thought about that in a while.

Like your place, it's peacefully beautiful.


4:16 PM  

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