Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Blog May Be Monitored, Or Not

My degree is in Political Philosophy and the one thing I learned is that all political systems suck. The best system is no system. Unfortunately in our cosmopolitan world that is not a possibility. Someone's got to fix the roads and most places are not like our little community were the homeowners see to the fixin'. There is something to be said for rural areas where people are more self reliant.

The more responsibility we give over to government the more our freedoms are eroded usually in the name of the greater good. In a democracy such as ours the majority (read the party in power) define for good or ill our freedoms according to their adjenda. One of the pitfalls of our system is the "tyranny of the majority" which should be kept in check by our bi-cameral legislative process. In time of war the rules change.

We are involved in a war and Iraq is just the immediate objective. Does anyone seriously think victory in Iraq and the withdrawal of our brave men and women end this war on terror. Political terror was only one pernicious idea to emerge from the French (oh, the French) Revolution. It was used very effectively by Hitler and others of the same ilk. Ho Chi Minh added his twist with the army of the people and protracted warfare concepts. The point is terror and terrorists are not going away anytime soon.

The President has used his power to at least raise some eyebrows over his wiretapping adventures. Yes, it does violate some individuals right to privacy but I really don't think Georges snoopers are interested in the usual trivial stuff that most of us babble endlessly. Do you think it's of national interest that I made the late car payment over the phone? My thought is that they're not going to waste time over most of us because there is no reason too.

It would seem those who object most are the ones who have reason to object. You bet the terrorist will object using the very instument he is trying to destroy to legitimize that destruction. To a terrorist, any end justifies the means.

It's an extraordinary and, in the scope of history, a new kind of warfare. One we in the west have not understood. Viet Nam illustrated that. If the present administration is guilty of anything it would have to be taking their strategic thinking only as far as the concepts of traditional warfare would take them. We need new concepts to fight this kind of protraced war.

We, as a nation should be willing, no, must be willing to sacrifice some freedoms for the good of all just as our military surrenders some of their freedoms to guarentee ours. Now I certainly don't advocate going back to the Japanese interment camps of World War 2 but if, a wiretap locates a Al Queda leader talking on a cell phone somewhere in the middle of nowhere and a drone fired missile blows him to hell and back, Goerge and the spooks can listen to me anytime they're bored.


Blogger Bonita said...

I'm glad to know that your background is in political philosophy, because I'm lacking of much understanding in the political sciences. I hope to learn more. It is true that we are in a new day, with very different agendas, different requirements. Fighting terrorism does require new skills and proceedures. I wonder what they would be, given the nature of the 'enemy'. Wish I knew more.

7:25 PM  
Blogger GUYK said...

Thanks Dave, I feel the same way. I have always one that believed that the best government was the one that governed the least but the main function of government--in fact the only reason that societies began to accept government-is defense. Whatever it takes is fine with me. I can't get upset over the voice intercept srping-hell, it has been going on for decades. And, if it is abused have no doubt that the public will hear about it. Then I will worry about it. The hoopla about it now is to cover the fact that we are winning in Iraq.

7:30 AM  
Blogger The MacBean Gene said...

Bonita, My only hope is that somewhere in the dark recesses of our intelligence comunity someone is working on this.
Yeah, Guy it's too bad the victory's are not cheered louder than the setbacks.

7:24 AM  

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